Mark Milsom Foundation

Set Ready is pleased to announce that the Mark Milsom Foundation has offered, free of charge, the Mark Milsom Health and Safety five-year passport training course, to all Set Ready attendees.

Mark Milsome was a talented respected and much loved camera operator who died on set behind his camera when a car stunt went tragically wrong in Ghana in November 2017. The Mark Milsome Foundation launched one year later with the aim of educating and promoting modern Health and Safety practice, and to evolve in a way that best serves the scholars, the Film and Television Industries and the memory of Mark Milsome.

As a charitable organisation the Foundation encourages and supports new entrants to the industry whom they believe display the qualities needed to thrive in the British Film and Television industry. The objectives of the Foundation make it a great fit with the work being done by Set Ready.

The Foundation looks for evidence of genuine passion and a strong work ethic from new entrants before considering anyone to be deserving of support or scholarships in Mark’s name. It helps successful applicants overcome the challenges of finding work experience, mentorship and eventual employment in an industry that is traditionally difficult to access without the benefit of insider contacts.

The Film and TV Online Safety Course was created to protect and empower all crew, and educate and promote modern Health and Safety practice, and aims to prevent a tragedy such as Mark’s ever happening again.

The course is 90 minutes long, can be taken in one sitting or in bite sized chunks, and provides successful participants with a ScreenSkills 5 Year Production Passport.

Belinda Peach, Set Ready Manager said, “We welcome the partnership with the Mark Milson Foundation. The health and safety five passport allows the Set Ready participants to be awarded with an industry recognised qualification which we believe is the perfect complement to the Set Ready training – preparing new entrants to the world of film and tv production.”

Samantha Wainstein from the Mark Milsom Foundation added “No one should die for a shot, and that’s why the Mark Milsome Foundation is committed to equipping all members of the film and TV industry with the necessary resources and education to prioritise safety. Our Health and Safety course is a vital part of this effort, providing essential training to ensure effective health and safety practices on sets. We are delighted to have the support of Set Ready in our mission to make sets safe and train the next generation of filmmakers. Set Ready’s contribution is invaluable in promoting responsible practices on set and we are grateful for their commitment to this cause. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Set Ready and other industry leaders to create a safer and more secure industry for all.”

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