The Mark Milsome Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with Set Ready

The Mark Milsome Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with Set Ready, a national training initiative dedicated to training the next generation of film and TV talent as they embark on their careers. Set Ready places diversity and inclusion right at the heart of all recruitment efforts, ensuring that the screen industries workforce reflects the richness of our communities.

As part of Set Ready’s provision they are enrolling students in our Level 2 Production Safety Passport course. Currently, they have enrolled 41of their students on our course, with many more in the pipeline, in a bid to ensure and foster a safe environment on set. These have included Set Ready courses in Manchester, Liverpool and Camden, Islington and Croydon boroughs to name a few.



Collaborating with Set Ready and similar organisations aligns with the core principles of our mission, to ensure safety on set and to help young people get the training they need at the beginning of their career journeys.

Our Chair, Samantha Wainstein, says: “We applaud Set Ready for their commitment to making safety a top priority in their training programme. There is nothing more important on a film or TV production than the safety and well-being of the crew.”

Andrew Pavord of FilmFixer and Set Ready added, “Safety on Set is essential, we are delighted to work with the Mark Milsome Foundation to give the next generation of filmmakers the information they need to work in a safe environment.

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